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Auto SOS: The Most-Trusted Honda Repairs in Temecula

We at Auto SOS have made a great effort to familiarize ourselves with Honda vehicles. Despite their reliability, they come into our shop often. Hondas are a great car, but like every vehicle, they run into their problems.

Honda is the world’s fifth largest automobile manufacturer. Compared to GM vehicles, Hondas are world-class. While GM engine parts are cast, Honda engine parts are forged. If you’re familiar with engine parts, that should say it all.

Our experience with various car brands, Honda Civics, and Honda Accords, has readied us to handle any Honda vehicle. We are experienced in Honda muffler repair, glass repair, brake service and more.

Common Honda Accord Problems

While Hondas are leaps and bounds above other vehicles in terms of quality, Honda owners still encounter problems. Some problems are unavoidable. Others problems arise out of neglect and a lack of professional auto maintenance by a certified mechanic.

Here is a list of some of the most common problems owners have with their Honda vehicles.

  1. Premature Tire Wear: For some reason, the 2007 Honda Civic is known to experience premature tire wear. The wear tends to occur in both the rear and front tires. Reports indicate that front-tire wear is caused by the poorly made Bridgestone tires commonly used in that era. The rear tire wear is often a result of a faulty rear control arm. At Auto SOS, we are experts in Honda tire repair. We’ll look at your tires and inspect your vehicle’s control arms.

  2. Honda Transmission Failure: It is common for 2001-2002 Honda Civics seem to experience premature transmission failure. Unfortunately, a transmission failure requires a complete transmission replacement. Transmission replacements can be expensive, but if your vehicle is still under warranty at the time of failure you will not have to cover costs yourself. Auto SOS will make sure your new transmission is in perfect working order before you hit the road.

  3. Honda Accord Power Door Lock Failure: The power door locks on some vehicles activate at random. Owners report this problem after a vehicle exceeds 100,000 miles. Auto SOS assesses this problem by looking at each door’s actuator. We determine if the power door lock system is faulty and if so, we can very easily replace any actuator.

  4. Vibration When Braking: Some Honda owners come into our shop reporting that they feel a rattling, sharking or rubbing sensation when they step on the brakes. Warped front brake rotors are usually responsible for this unfortunate problem. Sometimes the rotors can be fixed. Other times the rotors are too thin to be machined by our mechanics and require complete replacement.

  5. Cracked Exhaust Manifold: We’ve seen a few Honda owners come into the shop with a cracked exhaust manifold. This usually happens to Hondas with the Honda N engine. They’ll come into the shop after noticing excessive smoke coming from the back of their engine.

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