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Acura Repair

Searching for the Best Acura Repair Shop Near You? Look No Further!

Everyone in Temecula knows about Acura’s reputation for producing high-quality luxury cars that you can depend on. However, luxury vehicles sometimes need luxury repairs.

You need to make sure your local auto repair shop knows how to repair and maintain the latest Acura models and keeps specialty components available on hand. The best automobiles need the best available parts to stay running smoothly. Anything less, and you can shorten the lifespan of your Acura.

Luckily for Temecula residents, there’s a mechanic in town who specializes in keeping their beloved Acura vehicles working in tip-top condition: Auto SOS.

With nearly five years in business providing the best auto repair and tune-up service this side of Southern California, Auto SOS is the clear choice for anyone looking for regular auto maintenance or specialty Acura transmission repair.

More Than Oil Changes—Full-Spectrum Preventive Maintenance

When you bought your Acura vehicle, you knew you were entering into a lifelong relationship with one of the world’s greatest automobile companies. But like all relationships, work needs to be done to keep it healthy and long-lasting.

Your manufacturer’s handbook for your vehicle will detail the level of maintenance you need to perform to keep your car running smoothly until the end of its lifespan.

Some tasks—such as timing belt replacement or having your brake pads replaced—need to be done every five years. Others, such as oil changes and tire alignments, should be performed at least once a year.

Not sure what needs to be done to keep your RLX or MDX in top working condition? Bring it into your local Acura specialists—Auto SOS—and we’ll give your car the TLC it deserves.

Acura Transmission Repair

The transmission inside your Acura vehicle is one of the most complex items in your car. It’s made with the signature quality you expect and will outperform the transmission of most other vehicles on the market. However, because it is so vital to your vehicle’s function, all transmissions wear down over time and distance as you drive your car.

Don’t trust just any mechanic with repairing or replacing your vehicle’s transmission. Trust a licensed repair shop with dedicated experience in Acura transmission repair. Working with a mechanic shop trusted by the vehicle’s manufacturer is the only way to keep your vehicle under warranty. Don’t cut corners to save on costs—it could cost you thousands!

Where Can I Find an Acura Repair Shop Near Me?

Auto SOS has made a big splash in the Temecula area for our dedication and commitment to quality customer service. We make auto repair and maintenance easy. With our quick turnaround times and competitive rates, we promise to go above and beyond to serve you best.

Want to know what makes us special? Give us a call or drop in the shop. We’ve got extended hours to serve you better. Don’t place your precious Acura in the hands of anyone less qualified—call us today!

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